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Chemc Environmental Training

Our Mission Statement

CHEMC Environmental has realised that globalisation produces such rapid changes in the world of work that learning must be on-going and to cope with it, offers a way of normalising programmes of life long learning. CHEMC Environmental’s approach to offering its programmes to clients is in adopting five basic principles of building blocks for employer and employee.

Systems Thinking:

A way of thinking and understanding the forces and relationships that shapes organisational behaviour.

Personal Mastery:

Create an organisational environment that encourages all its employees to develop themselves towards the goals and purpose they choose.

Mental Models:

Continually clarifying and improving our internal pictures of the world and seeing how they shape our decisions and actions.

Shared Vision:

Building a sense of commitment in a group, by developing shared images of the future and the principles of how to achieve it.

Team Thinking:

Transforming conversational and collective thinking skills so that groups of people can reliably develop intelligence and ability greater than the sum of an individual member’s talent.


To empower our people to have the necessary intelligence capital required by employers who want to pitch for the high skill end of the globalisation continuum.

What We Offer

From the training perspective, the company offers the following programmes which are aligned to HWSETA's primary focus at our own conference facilities or those on our clients’ premises.

  • SHEQ Systems: Development, implementation and evaluation of safety, health and environmental management in the workplace with reference to ISO systems.
  • Incident Investigation: Conduct preliminary incident investigation into workplace health, safety and environmental incidents.
  • Auditing: Monitor compliance of safety, health and environment requirements in a workplace.
  • Safety reps: Conduct safety and health representative activities course
  • Basic Safety: Demonstrate basic health and safety principles
  • Hot/Cold work Permit: Permit to work system in a workplace
  • Development and delivery of customised workshops/short courses Development of course material and facilitator guides