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Water Management

Water Monitoring

In order to have an effective water monitoring system, CHEMC Environmental can assist sites to design the monitoring system which includes issues such as the layout of the system, monitoring frequencies, analytical parameters to be analyzed for and application for approval of the proposed system from the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry.

In addition to the abovementioned services, CHEMC Environmental also specializes in the actual execution of the approved monitoring system. This includes the sampling of monitoring boreholes (including water levels) as well as the sampling of surface and process water (e.g. hydro-carbons at oil traps and bacteriological at sewage plants). Quality control is done in conjunction with the relevant accredited analytical laboratory used to ensure the highest standard and credibility of results.

Based on the analytical results received form the laboratories, interpretation reports are being compiled and the relevant potential remedial actions identified for the client. Such reports are also discussed with the relevant authorities on request of the client to ensure mitigatory measures that are approved by the relevant authority.

CHEMC Environmental has and/or is currently involved with the following monitoring projects:

  • Bridgestone - Monthly Surface water quality reporting;
  • Delta EMD Processing Plant - Monthly purging and monitoring of the boreholes; and surface water quality reporting;
  • Hullets Xinavane Mozambique - Annual sampling and monitoring of drinking water;
  • Lonmin Platinum Mines - Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual monitoring of surface - and ground water, including bio-monitoring;
  • MMC Manganese Processing Plant - Monthly ground and surface water monitoring, including the purging of boreholes;
  • Nooigedacht Lead Mine - Biannual ground water sampling and monitoring; and
  • Vlakfontein Nickel Mines - Biannual ground water sampling and monitoring.

Specialist Studies

Groundwater modeling

Groundwater models are developed for various requirements. These include design of monitoring systems, design and site selection for new facilities such as tailing dams, Environmental Management Programme Reports (EMPR’s), Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s), e.g. consideration of impacts during waste disposal in underground workings, etc. Groundwater plumes are predicted to develop long term management strategies.

Geophysical Surveys

Identification of significant geological structures such as faults and dykes are essential to ensure the correct placements of proposed facilities. This service is provided to ensure that accurate information is used as input during the development of a geo-hydrological model.

Hydrological modeling

Hydrological simulations can also be conducted for the developments of sub-catchments water management strategies. Specific needs in this regard may include the design of a stream diversion or flood protection structures for existing structures. Run-off simulations and calculations are also done for the various legal requirements as described above.


Bio-monitoring field work, as well as the interpretation thereof on the latest available electronic and software techniques, is being provided by CHEMC Environmental. In addition to the normal bio-monitoring services, whole effluent toxicity procedures are also provided. All techniques used are aligned with legal requirements as well as recognized accredited procedures.

Installation of Monitoring Boreholes

For accurate groundwater monitoring, monitoring boreholes have to be installed and equipped according to pre-scribed standards. CHEMC Environmental not only provides the installation service, but also ensures that these standards are applied to all monitoring boreholes installed under their direct supervision.